Svartedalen hike – a dress rehearsal

WHERE: Bohusleden, Svartedalen – Bohuslän, Sweden.
OBJECTIVE: Test gear and enjoy the scenery.
DISTANCE: 19 km, 1 overnight.

Last weekend my friend an I decided to hike stage 8 and 9 of Bohusleden southbound through Svartedalen. It was to be sort of a a dress rehearsal for our long distance hike coming up in just a couple short weeks (#rebootatforty). We started at Lysevatten and walked about 19 km to Grandalen sleeping a night out on the way. We wanted to get a feel for all the gear we were planning on […]

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Midsummer hike in Sälen

WHERE: Sälenfjällen – Dalarna, Sweden.
OBJECTIVE: Recharge, enjoy the scenery and spend time with family.
DISTANCE: Day 1 = Källfjället ca 17 km. Day 2 = Storfjället ca 8 km.

For the second year running now, my parents and I have made the six hour drive north to Sälenfjällen for the extended weekend of midsummer. So since we have done it twice now, and have every intention of doing it again next year, I will call it a […]

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Weekend hike on Vättlefjäll

WHERE: Vättlefjäll – Västra Götaland, Sweden.
OBJECTIVE: Disconnect from everything and recharge plus test out some new gear.
DISTANCE: The amount of miles hiked – secondary.

We have enjoyed a wonderfully mild and sunny fall this year and I really want to get as much outdoor time as possible while it lasts. So since this past weekend was going to be exceptionally nice, a couple of friends and I decided to make a run for it and […]

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