Costa Rica 2015: Pathfinder orchid rainforest expedition to Costa Rica, November 28 – December 18 2015.

Rainforest expedition to Costa Rica

By the end of November 2015 I am going on an orchid pilgrimage to the rainforests of Costa Rica! Over the course of three amazing weeks we are hiking off the beaten path in search of orchids, wildlife and amazing nature experiences. We are spending time in Tapanti, Cerro de La Muerte, Las Alturas, Cerro Echandi, Las Tablas, Cerro Pando, Coton, Cotoncito as well as El Sura — ending with a couple of days rest in Dominical before returning back home to the cold winter darkness […]

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Preparations for an orchid rainforest expedition

Hiking the mountain rainforests of Costa Rica is going to be a lot of fun! But it is going to be a whole lot more fun with the proper gear and with the right preparations, and sitting in front of the computer for the past few decades does not qualify. So here we go!

I have had a lot of fun this summer gearing up and getting into shape. The looming departure date on November 28 has […]

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Costa Rica packing list

Time is flying by at light speed and the departure date for Costa Rica is fast approaching (November 28). This means it is time to start firming up a reasonable packing list. Normally I am quite spontaneous, but for a trip like this I prefer to be organized down to the smallest detail rather than winging it the night before. Perhaps a bit overkill, but it helps me sleep better at night so it is worth […]

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Day -1: packing day

Costa Rica travel diary

No matter how many months of preparations and planning, packing still took most of the day. Carefully squeezing every thing I might possibly need for my three week adventure into my two backpacks. Yes two… one smaller, though still quite sizeable daypack of 35 liters, and one larger 65 liter pack needed for all the camping gear on the multi-day hike. I had been fretting over the meticulously detailed packing list a bit as I found it […]

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Day 1: travel day

Costa Rica travel diary

The alarm went off at 3:45 (!)… nothing like three hours of restless sleep to make you feel refreshed and ready to take in the day. Nova seemed a bit confused that I actually woke her up for a change, but she was game. I will miss the little bugger. Mom dropped me off at the airport in Gothenburg at 5:30 and I was airborne an hour later. Smooth start. The adventure […]

Day 2: El Copal

Costa Rica travel diary

We had a really nice minibus with a quite interesting driver to our disposal for the duration. I think he did not quite know what to make of us all at first, but by the end I think we had won him over. Along the way we also met up with our two fantastic local guides, Daniel and Eugenio.

Our first day was a long drive over to the Caribbean side and the beautiful El Copal, […]

Day 3: Exploring El Copal

Costa Rica travel diary

Morning fog around El Copal made it seem as if the large wrap-around porch was floating in the canopy of the trees surrounding it. Quite magical! Most of us got up early, 5:30 to be exact, to watch the sunrise and do some bird watching from the porch before breakfast. Actually it was a hawk who woke me up, very strange call, sound more like an owl, but a nice alarm none the less.

With all […]

Day 4-5: Las Alturas and Cerro Chai

Costa Rica travel diary

A not too long but fairly bumpy journey by bus landed us at the research station of Las Alturas at an elevation of 1528 meters. It is a wonderfully rustic place with only a diesel generator for power and running cold water only. The reserve sits on a hillside overlooking sprawling coffee plantations but with primary forests at its doorstep further up the mountain. It is located on the very edge of La […]

Day 6-8: Las Alturas and Cerro Echandi

Costa Rica travel diary

This was the big climb, the crescendo, what I had been preparing for all summer… the hike up Cerro Echandi. The morning brought a lot of anticipation and preparations as we were getting ready to leave for the long hike and two nights of sleeping out. Very exciting but also a little daunting considering how much more we had to carry along for the duration. We are all carrying sizable backpacks now […]

Day 9-11: Off grid living at Las Tablas

Costa Rica travel diary

A short trip south brought us to the small village below Las Tablas. Here we had to leave our trusty bus behind and hike up. The road up to the small very remote farm was rough to say the least, no way the bus would have made it, even four wheel drives would struggle here. During rainy season it would be completely closed, completely isolating the farm for weeks at a time. We are […]

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