Well, it only took half a decade, but it finally happened! My very own orchid expedition! For those of you who are long-time followers of this blog might remember this post from 2010 when my friend got to go hunting orchids in Costa Rica. I was eagerly following along from the comforts of home via his blog, wondering if, and secretly hoping that I would one day dare to do the very same. Well, guess what, by now you know the answer to that… At the end of November and into December 2015 I was actually living this dream… yes, little ‘ol me… on an orchid expedition to the rainforests of Costa Rica!!

I apologize for taking so long getting back with the report, but alas, here it is! For a full account of the travel diary, and A LOT OF PHOTOS, please refer back to the 9 latest posts before this one.

PS! I backdated the posts so the account works better remembering the trip for the years to come, one thing I like about this blog… the diary and time capsule aspect. So either click back (“previous” button above the big photo) and read the 9 new posts from my travel diary, or if you prefer to read all the posts from the rainforest expedition in chronological order, click here.

A few photo highlights among hundreds of photos…