Encyclia cochleata

The alien autopsy

Encyclia (Prostechea) cochleataThe alien embryo is starting to peak out of its cocoon….. It is definitely springtime in the orchid room. New leaves, spikes and buds are popping out all over the place. You can almost hear them grow if you pause long enough to really listen. Ha! What a silly notion. With 11 computer fans and a humidifier running I […]

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Encyclia cochleata alien embryo

Encyclia cochleataYou can tell that spring is coming. In the orchid room at least (outside it snowed again yesterday and today it slush all over the place). There are a lot of new buds forming, and one of the coolest looking ones is the Encyclia (Prostechea) cochleata flower pod. It looks like a small embryo (or an alien, whichever) is growing inside the protective […]

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