Almost the smallest orchid in the world

Platystele microtatanthaPlatystele microtatantha is one of the smallest orchids in the world. The flower is not much bigger than the tip of a pen at about 2-3 mm or so, I admit it is a bitch to measure… The whole plant, even though it is quite a healthy specimen, does not measure more than a couple of centimeters across. The worlds smallest orchid ever […]

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Platystele stenostachya

Platystele stenostachyaI got this cute little miniature in a trade with a friend back in December. It is native to South America where it grows at altitudes of 1700 meters. The flowers are adorable but super tiny, only about 3 mm. It is times like these I really wished I had a real macro lens… It blooms on a fairly short inflorescence in small […]

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Ta-da!! The new orchids are in!

Nano inspired orchid vivarium  Finally the mini orchids from O&M are in! Well some are perhaps not very mini… they may have to move out as soon as I get a larger growing cabinet. It was a big job but I am very happy wit the reslult! I am also thrilled to find that moss has started to grow on EW […]

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Finally… a shipping date for the mini orchids!

The mini-orchid order from Orchids & More has turned into somewhat of a farce… I wanted to get one quick last order in this season before it started getting to cold, and here we are 6 weeks later… Oh well. O&M are being nice about it so I am feeling good despite the wait. They are shipping out all new plants since they were the ones who got the address wrong the first […]

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Mini-orchid order disaster!

Now I finally know what happened to my order from Orchids & More… I received an email from them today saying that they just got back the package they had sent out on the 27th. Wrong address, said DHL … they sent a pdf with the shipping ticket and wondered if I knew what was wrong.

It was quite obvious … the address was incomplete. I had ordered the package to my work so […]

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Still no mini-orchids

I emailed Orchid & More on Friday to ask for a tracking number for the package as it still has not gotten here. Now it is tuesday, and I have not heard back from them – nor gotten any package. I did however notice that my credit card was charged just this Sunday, maybe that is a good sign? Perhaps they did not get around to sending the package last Monday as promised. […]

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Coming today…. the mini babies!

….false alarm. No package with orchids from DHL today, and this is Friday! If they shipped on Monday like they said they would, how long will it take to get here?? It’s ok with me, but I just hope the package is not sitting in some super cold warehouse someplace this weekend with temperatures dropping below freezing…!

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An EPI(c) new plan

So I am a little disappointed over the functionality of the clay pipe actually… In my estimation it did not leech out a whole lot of water for the orchids, and what little did was promptly dried up by the fan. I turned the 80mm computer fan up to 12V since I saw that some mold had started to develop on the backside of the pipe. In any case, it was a fun experiment (thank […]

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Waiting for the new plants…

Ok… it’s been a while and still no plants. Still no word even. I am so not good at waiting, this is killing me!! Had my german only been better I would have noticed that O&M has been closed for a week. Well, that explains things, but it does not make it any easier waiting….

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