Scent and the reproductive con-game of orchids

Bulbophyllum Louis Sander - smells of week old gym socks...A friend of mine was talking about fragrant orchids with her aunt who concluded that she “didn’t know of any that smelled nice, or like much of anything at all.” Well, the aunt is actually incorrect, but I understand why she would feel this way. Most hybrids in the local flower shops were […]

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Angraecum bud-autopsy

The Angraecum villain hunt continues. Day two. I had already looked all over the plant for any kind of insects but did not see anything.  I am still trying to figure out why this one bud would fail, so I decided to perform a bud-autopsy on the mysteriously blasted Angraecum bud… No vermin found. Not even when scrutinized under a magnifying glass. No, my dear Watson, the working theory is that the spur might have gotten damaged somehow […]

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The haul from the weekend orchid show…

Prosthechea vitellinaThis was a good day for the orchid fiend. There was a (very small) orchid show at one of the flowershops an hour north of here. I had special ordered a few plants from the main grower supplying the show, Karge from Germany, but of course there were several impulse buys as well…  

So after about an hour of perusing, with the very patient […]

The alien autopsy

Encyclia (Prostechea) cochleataThe alien embryo is starting to peak out of its cocoon….. It is definitely springtime in the orchid room. New leaves, spikes and buds are popping out all over the place. You can almost hear them grow if you pause long enough to really listen. Ha! What a silly notion. With 11 computer fans and a humidifier running I […]

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Nematode warfare… Karma: 1 — Sciaridae: 0

Yesterday I treated the entire apartment, well that was an overstatement, I treated all the flower pots, orchid pots and vivariums at least with nematodes. Waging war on the Sciaridae. I have not really seen any of them around the apartment, but they absolutely love my nano-vivarium and my flaskbaby nurseries (mini-greenhouses) where it is nice and warm and humid. But I took no chances and treated everything with the tiny biological predators, the nematodes […]

Humidifier round 2: Perhaps not quite as cool looking…

…but it has the same capacity and it will work on a timer! I ran the other humidifier for a little while and although it is doing a really good job (perhaps too good), I know myself… if I cannot control it 100% I will get frustrated with it. Since that humidifier comes on in ‘stand by’ mode I cannot run it on a timer, so I decided to take it back. I got another ultrasonic humidifier, a Honeywell, instead. […]

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