The third vivarium

Oh you guys already know about this one. I have mentioned it before and I finished building it this summer, but here comes the photo evidence finally. The third vivarium in my very small growing space, but I make it work. It is nowhere near as large or as technically complex as the cool vivarium, but it does the job. It is an intermediate vivarium dedicated to vandacesous orchids, primarily Neofinetia but a few Vanda, Ascocenda […]

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Ascofinetia Peaches

This is new to my collection. I bought it in bud from German grower Karge in September as I just cannot seem to resist anything Neofinetia, pure or not… This is a very nice Neofinetia cross called Ascofinetia Peaches, a name obviously inspired by the lovely color. Ascofinetia is an intergeneric hybrid between Ascocentrum and Neofinetia. The seed parent of this particular cross is Ascocentrum curvifolium, with the pollen parent Neofinetia falcata. Much of the shape is clearly Neofinetia, but […]

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa ‘Tayanee White’

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa 'Tayanee White'The princess… a very nice vandaceous hybrid known for its gentle temper and willingness to bloom in less than ideal conditions. Ascocenda Princess Mikasa is a cross between Ascocenda Royal Sapphire and Vanda coerulea. This is the fairly new white variety, known as ‘Tayanee White’, where the alba form of Vanda coerulea produce this lovely color. This particular […]

Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea

Phalaenopsis violacea v. coeruleaA wonderfully fragrant Phalaenopsis species from Malaysia and Sumatra where it grows at an altitude of about 150 meters. It is a warm growing pendulous epiphyte with nice waxy flowers of light violet hues on a cream base. Some say the fragrance is a mix of bubble gum and cinnamon, but I think it smells more like Lilly of the Valley with a hint of Jasmine […]

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Podangis dactyloceras

Podangis dactylocerasThis is a small to miniature warm to intermediate epiphyte, and occasional lithophyte, from Western Tropical Africa to Angola and Tanzania where it grows from  750 to 1 950 meters. A beautiful fan shaped species with flowers that look almost like sheer white glass and with a prominent spur. Each short inflorescence carry several (5-20) flowers nestled within the leaves. The flowers measure about 5 mm wide and […]

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Neofinetia falcata ‘Kibana’

Neofinetia falcata 'Kibana'I got a division of this lovely Neofinetia from a friend in September last year. It bloomed already a month later and now it is time again. I really like this cultivar. It looks just like the regular white Neofinetia falcata, except for the amazing golden yellow color. The flowers open slightly lighter and darken with time. These photographs were taken about one […]

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Cool vivarium 2.0

It would seem I have made the same journey that many people make when they build vivariums… starting off with something looking very close to nature, and eventually ending up with something a little more practical. Originally I aimed to recreate a little slice of the cloud forest in my inner city apartment and the result turned out great! Vivarium was fully operational in the beginning of May 2010. Everything was thriving and I was finally […]

Neofinetia falcata ‘Shunkyuden’

Neofinetia falcata 'Shunkyuden'Neofinetia falcata was the only species in this very small genus until 1996 when Neofinetia richardsiana was added, followed by N. xichangensis in 2004. The two new discoveries are limited to specific regions within China. Neofinetia falcata has a slightly broader distribution area, from China to Temperate East Asia, and it is also the one of the three that has found its way into cultivation. Even though we are […]

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Aerangis luteoalba var. rhodosticta

Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodostictaThis is the first bloom for this lovely little African orchid. I bought it in September last year from Junginger Orchideen in Germany, and it must have come from very nice stock. On only one growth it produced six flower spikes, each carrying between 6 to 8 flowers measuring almost 3 cm across. It is quite a stunning display […]

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Bulbophyllum pulchellum

Bulbophyllum pulchellumSuch a beautiful and exotic looking orchid…. this is one I am kind of holding on to even though I don’t really have the space. I have bloomed it sucessfully on the windowsill, but I get one, perhaps two flowers. In the warm/intermediate vivarium I get about 5 flowers per bulb, and all the bulbs bloom. So I grow it in the very, […]

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