Two and a half years I have waited for this! I finally I figured out what makes this awesome orchid tick. Dresslerella caesariata is an intermediate to cool growing epiphyte from southeastern Ecuador where it can be found at elevations around 1700 to 1800 meters. I think I might have grown it a little too wet and shady the first two years, I moved it to a slightly drier and much brighter spot this spring, and here is the reward. I grow it mounted in the cool vivarium, and for the past six months humid but not wet, pretty bright and breezy. I bought it from Ecuagenera an orchid show in 2010 and this is the first flower and it was well worth the wait. I adore the fleshy, hairy flower …and the hairy leaves too for that matter! We have an expression in Sweden that basically says “shame on the one who gives up” (“skam den som ger sig), and this one qualifies. The flower actually opened up two months ago, but it is still going strong, another very nice quality.

Dresslerella caesariata Luer, Selbyana 2: 185 (1978).