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Lepanthopsis floripecten

Lepanthopsis floripectenThe summer is approaching. Two more weeks of work before some needed vacation time. The temperatures have been mercifully low for the season, making the cool vivarium easier to manage. This lovely Lepanthopsis floripecten is one of the lovely ochids in bloom in there at the moment. I love the long lasting  flowers, looking like a delicate string of pearls glowing like gold moving […]

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Cool vivarium 2.0

It would seem I have made the same journey that many people make when they build vivariums… starting off with something looking very close to nature, and eventually ending up with something a little more practical. Originally I aimed to recreate a little slice of the cloud forest in my inner city apartment and the result turned out great! Vivarium was fully operational in the beginning of May 2010. Everything was thriving and I was finally […]

Masdevallia (Regalia) ayabacana

Masdevallia ayabacanaMasdevallia ayabacana, or Regalia ayabacana according to Luer, is from the impressive section Durae which hold impressive Masdevallia relatives such as princeps for example. The section (or genus if you want) is characterized by large thick leaves and large, fleshy, long-lasting flowers with thick callous petals and most with extremely long sepaline tails. The sepals are also connate, meaning the two lower sepals are fused together. The flowers of Masdevallia ayabacana are customarily […]

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Maxillaria variabilis

Maxillaria variabilis f. yellowMaxillaria variabilis hail from Central- to South America where it grows from 500 to 2500 meters. As the name implies it comes in a numer of different variations in shape and color. It is a pretty easy going orchid, thriving in a wide variety of conditions. Since it can be found at such a wide altitude span it is fairly temperature tolerant, and […]

Stelis immersa

Pleurothallis immersaThis is a small intermediate to cool growing epiphyte from Central to South America. It has been reported to grow as as low as 800 meters, but are probably more likely found between 1600 to 2100 meters. It produces a long inflorescence with several nodding, long lasting flowers measuring about one centimeter tall. The buds started opening right after new year and it is still […]

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Pleurothallis (Ancipitia) eumecocaulon

Pleurothallis (Ancipitia) eumecocaulonI love this little Pleurothallis, or Ancipitia, depending on what school of thinking you go by. It blooms for a very long time once it gets going and the snow white flowers with the sweet powder pink lip are just lovely. The solitary successive flowers measure about a centimeter tall and are perched on a short reclining spathe held just above […]

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Masdevallia (Fissia) picturata

Masdevallia picturataThere is just something special about this mini-Masdevallia… and everytime it blooms I am reminded of its awesomeness. The flowers are not large, but compared to the plant they are rather impressive in size none the less. The plant is no more than 5 cm tall and  the width of the flower measures just over 1 cm, but the three long graceful sepals […]

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Masdevallia (Alaticaulia) norae

Masdevallia noraeThis species hail from Colombia, Venezuela and maybe even as far down as into northwestern Brazil. It is a warm to intermediate grower actually as it grows primarily in lowland forests at elevations of 200 to 1000 meters. However, it does not seem to have any objections to the cooler temperatures in my cool vivarium, so I would say that it is a very temperature tolerant […]

Finally a really bright idea

dulux80This is what happens when good lights go bad… or at least when you wire them up badly. They eventually burn out and die. So after about a year and a half I had to bite the bullet and rebuild all four lights for the cool vivarium. Because one after one, they had all started to give me trouble this fall. Light being an absolute […]

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Kefersteinia graminea

Kefersteinia gramineaThis is my first Kefersteinia, but it won’t be the last, and it is blooming now just in time for the new year. One must appreciate a lady with impeccable timing and it sure is a lovely species to ring in the new year with. Here’s to a fantastic 2012!!

I was really happy when I saw the flower spike forming on this one late summer, but […]

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