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Paphiopedilum bellatulum

I got a small flask of Paphiopedilum bellatulum from Equatorial Plant Co in 2008 and deflasked them in August the same year. I have since traded all the seedling but one plant that I kept for myself and it is now blooming for the very first time, 3 years and 7 months later. I am like a proud momma! You really have to be patience when you raise orchid seedlings, but in this case it was more than […]

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Ecuador orchid flask baby report

Masdevallia infracta seedling (2010-07-30)It was finally time to repot the little seedlings I bought from Ecuagenera in flasks at the orchid show in Gothenburg 2008. Since deflasking them I have grown them intermediate/warm in a small mini-greenhouse and communal pots with sphagnum moss. It is recommended you grow all small seedlings, even cool growers, a bit warmer but now I thought they […]

Exciting new orchid baby arrivals

Vanda coerulea f. albaToday I received a very nice package from a friend in France. It was a box filled with a new batch of orchid babies… All were absolutely beautiful, but I am especially excited about the Vanda coerulea alba. This is a very rare orchid, and a mature plant will set you back anywhere between $150-250. Yes, dollars. This little […]

Flask baby report – the very first flower!!

Oerstedella centradenia

Oh this is sooo exciting! My very first flask baby to flower – and she did it in record time! This Oerstedella centradenia came from Roellke in Germany and it was flasked out in May of 2008. That makes a trip from flask to flower of no more than 1,5 years. Impressive!

Both of the original shoots are producing buds now, and there are […]

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New orchid flask babies

Orchid flaskbaby nurserySince most of the orchid flask babies from last summer has moved from the nursery I thought it was time for a new set of little ones. It takes time to look after the little ones, but I really enjoy following their development. Here we have the new gang from Equatorial Plants plus a bottle of Sedirea japonica seedlings I bought from […]

A few more flask babies out of the nest

Cattleya schillerianaThis weekend the remaining Cattleya schilleriana flask babies moved out of the community pot to single occupancy dwellings.

Since I mounted the first few babies several months ago and placed them in the warm vivarium, I wanted to try growing these in intermediate conditions.

I mounted the strongest one and hung it in the window, the remaining little ones went into pots. Since schilleriana likes well drained media I placed them […]

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Project flask babies, an update

Dendrobium cyanocentrum v.blueSo a whole bunch of the little flask babies I ordered from Equatorial Plants last summer got to move out of the nursery this week. It was a pretty big job, but really fun to see how much the little guys have grown in about 9 months. It is almost like giving birth, well I am sure my dear sister would […]

My first flask babies (orchilds) are moving out of the nest…

My first flask baby orchids have grown up enough to move out into the world. They are still small, but they are off to a good home. A quite well grown little Dendrobium cyanocentrum and a Promenaea rollinsonii baby plus a little keiki off my Gastrochilus calceolaris is now on their way to their new home with Jonas in Malmö.  We have been talking about this trade for a couple of months already, but it […]

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Flask babies update

uk_kull-0Flask babies: Cattleya schilleriana, Dendrobium cyanocentrum, Paphiopedilum bellatulum, Phalaenopsis amboinensisTime for another update on the flask baby project. Yesterday was a big day! The first few teenagers got to move out of the community pots and into a little pot of their own today. 🙂 Granted, I still placed them in sphagnum moss and keep them in a […]

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