Masdevallia macrura – a rare brown color form?

Masdevallia macrura (rare brown color form)I ordered this from Ecuagenera last September. This list featured a small selection of more rare species not listed on the website and I was quite thrilled to see this one beginning to set a spike earlier this spring. Judge my surprise when the flower finally opened up and looked much different than any […]

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Masdevallia princeps

Masdevallia princepsThe Chief Masdevallia, a common name that is just oh so fitting for this incredible orchid! I have impatiently been watching the long flower spike develop for a few months now, but it has been well worth the wait. The flower is just stunningly beautiful and breathtakingly large. The flower is 4 cm wide and measures an impressive 35 cm from dorsal sepal […]

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Brutal beauty at its best

Masdevallia cerastesThis amazing creation has been well worth waiting for… I have been watching the scary looking buds swell for weeks now and finally the amazing, fleshy and brutal creations have opened! It is something straight out of an H.R. Giger painting …or perhaps Little Shop of Horrors – and I love it!! I knew what the flowers were supposed to look like when I […]

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Masdevallia constricta

Masdevallia constrictaIt is not hard to see how this Masdevallia got its name. The elegantly compressed sepaline tube is very distinct and somewhat reminiscent of a swan’s neck. Although I find the shape curiously intriguing, what is most impressive about this species is the sheer size of the flower in comparison to the plant.  The flower is held well above the leaves and the long and […]

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More mini Masdevallia

Masdevallia picturataI just can’t get enough of this fantastic little mini Masdevallia! Despite its meager size Masdevallia picturata is one of my absolute favorites, and has been so ever since I first saw one. I tried to grow it once before I built the cool vivarium, and I am sad to say I failed… but now I can provide the right conditions for it and finally […]

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The darling decumana

Masdevallia decumanaThis is an amazing little Masdevallia that I feel no Pleurothallid grower really should be without. Masdevallia decumana has very impressive and large flowers, in fact this orchid is commonly referred to as the large flowered Masdevallia. My flower measures about 5 cm wide, not counting the long elegant sepals that extend far wider than the plant itself. Be sure to look at the […]

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When lilac expectations turn green

Masdevallia lilacinaThis small sized epiphyte hails from northern Peru and southeast Ecuador where it grows at altitudes of 1500 to 2000 meters. The name, Masdevallia lilacina, is supposed to reflect the lilac color of the flowers, and I must say that I was actually a smidge disappointed when mine turned out more cream and green than lilac…! Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love green […]

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Mystery Masdevallia

Masdevallia sp.I have the pleasure of introducing an unexpected, but very welcome, Masdevallia guest – or shall we say free passenger. It came in the same pot as my Dracula barrowii, purchased from Orchids & More in 2009 but I did not discover it until now when it decided to bloom. I knew something was up as soon as it started to spike. Dracula […]

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Masdevallia musings…

Masdevallia impostorA lovely Masdevallia impostor – photo of the day. Enjoy!

I was just playing around with my new camera and the flash this weekend, which resulted in this rather artistic photo. I still need some more practice, but it is so much fun to photograph the orchids now. I looooove my new gear! Camera: Nikon D7000 DSLR. Lenses: Tamron AF 90/2,8 SP DI Macro (used […]

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Masdevallia glandulosa

Masdevallia glandulosaHere is a real treat for you! Masdevallia glandulosa is a really special orchid with beautiful colors and amazing little candy-like bubbles (glands) inside the flower tube, hence the name… the epithet is derived from the Latin glandulosus which means “bearing the glands.” It has a very pleasant scent too, a little bit spicey like cinnamon or cloves mixed with honey perhaps. I got […]

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