Masdevallia mini-greenhouseWow, with a title like that it sounds as if it was a major undertaking… it wasn’t. I just had the dear husband cut the panels to size for me – lol!  Then I just plopped the smaller pieces in place.

I am using the plastic grid panels that used to come in fluorescent light fixtures in the 80’s (70’s?). But since Sweden has long done away with such ancient design, I had to “import” them from Germany. Luckily a grower (Roellke) sells them and brought a couple of panels for me to Sofiero a few weeks ago.

Now I can put water on the bottom to raise humidity in the mini-greenhouse, and place the flask baby pots on top (or these mini/small masdevallias) without them getting their feet wet. This is also much easier to clean and keep after than a bed of leca or rocks in the bottom of the pan. And, since I can fit more water it does not evaporate so quickly in the summer heat.