This is kind of funny actually… at least now in retrospect.

The whole orchidarium build has been fairly simple really. But now there is this one teeny tiny detail – the mood light – that is giving us so much trouble and that it is threatening to cost as much as the entire build so far! Well, not quite, but what a headache!!

The first spot we got violently blew up when we hooked it up (in all fairness it was my fault I did not realize it was a 12V lamp – ooops!). The replacement light (free, of charge thanks to a very nice K-Rauta lady), burned up the 12V power supply we had in about 15 minutes… what gives!! After all this, my dear husband noticed that some IKEA spots we are using in a couple of places elsewhere in the house are 12V. So after cannibalizing the liquor cabinet light for its power supply the light is finally up and running. Phew.

Just a little frustrating knowing we could have done this for half the cost and none of the headache had we gone to IKEA from the beginning… well you live and learn. Is there anything IKEA cannot do….? (By the way, the headline refers to Adam Ant – Car Trouble)