Orchid flask babies - UKAfter three weeks, everyone is looking great!!

My only concern is the temperature in the nurseries. I will start bringing down the temp in the growing room at night soon and it will definitely be too cold for these little ones. So I have installed a heating pad, like you would use to heat terrariums for reptiles. It is a 42W Habistat radiant heat mat measuring 89×28 cm so all 4 greenhouses just fits.

Trouble is that the heat pad is working a little too well… If I keep the mat directly under the mini greenhouses the temperature almost reaches 30 degrees. I have tried a number of different variations but it has been hard to control the ambient heat in the boxes with the radiant heat since it does not actually heat the air, but rather the substrate. I actually placed the pad underneath the table and the tabletop is insulating just enough to keep my 24 degree goal. But it is not perfect, the temp still drops too much at night when the room gets colder. I have to come up with a better solution.

I did toss one D. cyanocentrum because it looked a bit suspect and I was afraid it might be mould and spread… In retrospect I think I might have overreacted though.