Masdevallia wurdackiiThis is a cool growing epiphyte from northern Peru where it grows at 2000-2400 meters. The plant is medium sized but with very impressive large flowers measuring an impressive 16 cm tall, blooming on a single flowered, erect inflorescence. I must admit I love the whole Caudatae subsection within Masdevallia, but I specially adore the shape of these flowers, so elegant and beautiful and extremely long tails, but the purple spots on the light yellow lime base is quite nice too. I had ordered this from Ecuagenera and picked it up at the Sofiero orchid show back in May, and I am very happy to see it bloom so quickly. I grow it mounted on EpiWeb in the cool vivarium, slightly drier than most of my other Masdevallia and medium/low light.

Masdevallia wurdackii C.Schweinf., Fieldiana, Bot. 33: 17 (1970).

Masdevallia wurdackiiMasdevallia wurdackii