Masdevallia picturata

Masdevallia (Fissia) picturata

Masdevallia picturataThere is just something special about this mini-Masdevallia… and everytime it blooms I am reminded of its awesomeness. The flowers are not large, but compared to the plant they are rather impressive in size none the less. The plant is no more than 5 cm tall and  the width of the flower measures just over 1 cm, but the three long graceful sepals […]

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More mini Masdevallia

Masdevallia picturataI just can’t get enough of this fantastic little mini Masdevallia! Despite its meager size Masdevallia picturata is one of my absolute favorites, and has been so ever since I first saw one. I tried to grow it once before I built the cool vivarium, and I am sad to say I failed… but now I can provide the right conditions for it and finally […]

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Masdevallia picturata… or should it be Fissia picturata?

Masdevallia picturataI just adore this little Masdevallia, the shear texture of the flowers and the super long sepals, mmmm it really does something for me. You know you are dealing with a real mini when the moss is threatening to overtake the orchid, ha ha. Well, I love the “real” look the moss ads to the scene. These two small orchids are mounted high up on […]

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An Intermediate growing “box” for mini orchids

Intermediate growing I decided that I cannot wait for a large growing cabinet and rigged up a small growing box for some intermediate growing minis… The little Masdevallia picturata I bought from Lasse a while ago was the first to move in.

With the water and leca bottom RH hovers between 60-70% and temp around 15-19 degrees thanks to the cooler air this close […]

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