Orchids on vacation summer 2011It is that time again… and you really know it is summer when the orchids get to go on holiday. Well, at least some of the orchids… Same place as last year, although the little red cottage by the coast has been painted black this year the scenario is the same. This year the Vanda vacationers are also  joined by a few more blooming orchids – lest I might miss the blooming all together leaving them in town. The selection is mainly comprised by the Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium slipper brigade, one Masdevallia (of course) as well as a few Cattleya. As much as I love being out here, and it is such a nice break and change in pace from busy city life, I must admit I do miss the cool vivarium a little. Mostly knowing that there is so much in bud or blooming there that I cannot wait to photograph. Other than that, the cool vivarium more or less runs itself. All I have to do is go back into town every 4-5 days to refill the rain system and humidifier tanks with water. I will try and get some photography done as well when I go in to do that.

For those of you new to this vacation tradition of mine, here you go: Vandas on vacation: winter 2008, summer 2009, winter 2009, summer 2010.