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I am finally back – for real!

Hello everyone! It has been a very long time since you heard from me last, and I am so happy to see that you are still here, faithfully visiting and also writing me. Thank you for your patience and support!

It became a much, much longer hiatus than I had first anticipated due to a series of events in my life. You know how it usually goes, one thing triggering the next, like dominoes. I am […]

I am coming back!

Dear readers. I have not been active on the blog for the past year due to some personal issues, but this is about to change! There are some issues on the site at the moment, there are a lot of photos missing mainly, but I am working on getting it all sorted now. If you find other broken or missing content on the site, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

Thank you […]

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Orchids on summer vacation part 2

The greenhouse build is nearing completion. Another week or two before it is all done and the orchids can start moving in. In the meantime the intermediate to warm growers have been enjoying summer outside in the shade by the summer cottage. They are really loving the humidity and warm days and relatively cool nights. There are new roots and buds forming all over the place. Still, I cannot wait to get them into the […]

Orchids on summer vacation 2013

After a long winter and an unusually cold and dry spring, summer has finally come to Sweden! But there were times this spring when it felt like summer would never come. You can see scars from the drought and cold all over as many plants and flowers outside did not make it. Alas, one who waits for something good… Summer is here, we have about 18 hours of daylight now and the weather has been […]

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New blog design for 2013

Happy new year!

I chose to celebrate this new year with a blog facelift. The old design has been up and running since 2009, and quite frankly, it was looking a bit old and dull. So it was time for a change! Everything is still here, it just looks and works a bit different. The main blog page now show excerpts and a slide show with rather tightly cropped photos as a preview, but if you […]

Orchids on summer vacation 2012

Orchids on summer vacationMmm summer. It really feels like summer when I bring the orchids outside for a few weeks while we are on vacation. Well, I can’t bring all the orchids, but it usually amounts to the vandaceous bunch and this year was no exception. Hanging under the eve of the seaside cottage this summer is indeed mostly vandaciaous orchids, including […]

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The Swedish Orchid Society magazine

The Swedish Orchid Society magazineI have not had a whole lot of time to write lately, and I have had soooo much to write about too! There is so much blooming over here right now that I have not had the time to photograph them all. But I have a pretty good reason for it. I am very pleased to announce that […]

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Vandas on summer vacation 2011

Orchids on vacation summer 2011It is that time again… and you really know it is summer when the orchids get to go on holiday. Well, at least some of the orchids… Same place as last year, although the little red cottage by the coast has been painted black this year the scenario is the same. This year the Vanda vacationers are […]

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Spring cleaning and another rain system upgrade

Cool vivarium - rain system up and runningYes you heard me right, yet another rain system upgrade… I have actually been wanting to simplify the watering setup I have for quite some time now. I basically wanted to take out the drip system and expand the rain system instead. Yes, admittedly I am a perfectionist and a little […]

Masdevallia musings…

Masdevallia impostorA lovely Masdevallia impostor – photo of the day. Enjoy!

I was just playing around with my new camera and the flash this weekend, which resulted in this rather artistic photo. I still need some more practice, but it is so much fun to photograph the orchids now. I looooove my new gear! Camera: Nikon D7000 DSLR. Lenses: Tamron AF 90/2,8 SP DI Macro (used […]

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