Orchids on summer vacationMmm summer. It really feels like summer when I bring the orchids outside for a few weeks while we are on vacation. Well, I can’t bring all the orchids, but it usually amounts to the vandaceous bunch and this year was no exception. Hanging under the eve of the seaside cottage this summer is indeed mostly vandaciaous orchids, including the whole Neofinetia-collection and joining them are a few Cattleya along with some additional strays. I go back to the city every 5 days to water the rest and to tend to the cool viarium, filling up the rain and fog systems with water etc.

We have enjoyed three weeks so far, and have one week to go. A very nice break after an extremeley hectic spring at work. This year I felt the need to take a vacation from all my electronic devices for a while, especially the computer, why I have been a bit quiet lately. But some quiet time by the coast is healing to both humans and orchids. I have a large Cattleya intermedia v. orlata that refused to rest properly for me this winter. She bloomed with 6 huge flowers on two winter growths in early April and nearly wore herself out completely. Most of the leaves and bulbs were wrinkly and tired. After only one week outside she was back to her normal gorgeous self, in perfect condition. I guess 80 % relative humidity, warm days and really cool nights was just what she needed. Me too. Although I require a little more time to recharge. Having this group of orchids near is very therapeutic though. Several Neofinetia falcata are blooming, filling the deck with their lovely scent every evening.

For those of you new to this vacation tradition of mine, here is a refresher: Vandas on vacation: winter 2008, summer 2009, winter 2009, summer 2010, summer 2011.

Orchids on summer vacationOrchids on summer vacation - Orchids on summer vacation - Neofinetia Orchids on summer vacation - Neofinetia falcata 'Shutenno'