Scaphosepalum anchoriferum

This wonderfully strange looking orchid hail from the mountains of Central America where they can be found at elevations from 1100 to 2000 meters. It is an intermediate epiphyte that usually blooms in the spring to summer in nature, but mine started around the new year and has been blooming all winter. The flowers measure about 1 cm wide and grow on a fairly long, single descending to horizontal successively flowered inflorescence. I love the provocative, phallic shape. It asks for no […]

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Masdevallia striatella

This is a small intermediate growing epiphyte from Central America. It can be found in mountain cloud forest from Costa Rica to Northwestern Venezuela at altitudes ranging from 400 meters up to 2500 meters. Flowers are small, only about one centimeter long, but the nice coloration makes up for any shortcomings in size. It usually blooms in the late fall/ early winter in nature, and it has been doing the same for me this year, blooming from […]

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Dracula sodiroi subsp. erythrocodon

So, the Dracula indulgence continues. Dracula sodiroi is an intermediate to cool growing terrestrial or epiphytic species named after Father Sadira who first discovered it in 1900. It grows in the northwestern regions of the Pichincha provice in Ecuador at altitudes between 1800 to 2300 meters. The bell shaped flowers form on erect racemes and the pendant growing style further enhances the bell connection. Apparently the characteristic to produce more than one flower at the same time on this erect raceme […]

Dracula iricolor

I bought this lovely species from Ecuagenera under the name Dracula trichroma, which apparently is a synonym to Dracula iricolor. Regardless of the name, I love the soft color scheme of the flower in contrast to the traditional provocative Dracula shape. It blooms on an erect inflorescence, which is less common in this genus, with single flowers produced in succession. It is an eiphyte from the cloud forests of Colombia to Northwestern Ecuador where it has been found at a […]

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Masdevallia rex

I was picking up my pre-ordered plants from Ecuagenera at an orchid show back in September, and I asked Alex if he had anything special on the table I should consider. He suggested this Masdevallia rex, a species they had only recently begun selling. I took his advice and brought it home, and now it is blooming for the first time. One flower just opened, but there are a myriad of buds coming so […]

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Trisetella success

I have been wanting to grow Trisetella for a long time, but the search for plants only started in earnest in March last year. I had held a lecture for the orchid society up in Stockholm, and at the meeting I met Thomas Höijer, the Swedish discoverer of Trisetella hoeijeri. He asked why I did not grow “his” orchid in my cool vivarium. Good question. I had seen the species at a friends a few years ago and immediately knew […]

New blog design for 2013

Happy new year!

I chose to celebrate this new year with a blog facelift. The old design has been up and running since 2009, and quite frankly, it was looking a bit old and dull. So it was time for a change! Everything is still here, it just looks and works a bit different. The main blog page now show excerpts and a slide show with rather tightly cropped photos as a preview, but if you […]

Dresslerella caesariata

Two and a half years I have waited for this! I finally I figured out what makes this awesome orchid tick. Dresslerella caesariata is an intermediate to cool growing epiphyte from southeastern Ecuador where it can be found at elevations around 1700 to 1800 meters. I think I might have grown it a little too wet and shady the first two years, I moved it to a slightly drier and much brighter spot this spring, and here […]

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Restrepia brachypus

Restrepia is one of the more flamboyant genera in the orchid world. The colors and patterns found in these species are just incredible. I think Restrepia brachypus is right up there with the most beautful ones with its striking bright yellow and rust striped lip and purple antennas. It is a cool to cold growing epiphyte from the mountains of South America where it can be found on altitudes from 1180 to 3200 meters. Flowers measure […]

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Lepanthes reflexa

An incredibly beautiful Lepanthes and a strong grower in my collection. It has been blooming continually since early summer and is still going showing no signs of slowing down. Flowers measure about 3 mm and the name refers to the reflexed dorsal sepal. I love the shape, severe and graceful all at once. The leaves are beautiful as well. This species really has it all, everything that makes Lepanthes great. See the cool illustration on […]

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