Lepanthes reflexa

An incredibly beautiful Lepanthes and a strong grower in my collection. It has been blooming continually since early summer and is still going showing no signs of slowing down. Flowers measure about 3 mm and the name refers to the reflexed dorsal sepal. I love the shape, severe and graceful all at once. The leaves are beautiful as well. This species really has it all, everything that makes Lepanthes great. See the cool illustration on […]

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Lepanthes melpomene

Lepanthes melpomeneI would like to wish you all a very nice Christmas with images of this lovely Lepanthes, named after Melpomene who initially was the Greek muse of singing and later became the muse of tragedy. Perhaps it only works in my warped mind, but it somehow seemed a fitting theme for the day… the rest of you – go with the intense beauty […]

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Lepanthes turialvae

Lepanthes turialvaeHere is proof that good things really do come in small packages. I adore this little one. It is growing like crazy and is blooming profusely, what is not to love. Well, the flowers only measure about 2-3 mm, so you do need some good camera gear to really enjoy it, but that’s a small matter… I am willing to have oversight with the diminutive […]

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Lepanthes wendlandii

Lepanthes wendlandiiThis lovely little cool growing Lepanthes hails from the mountains of Panama and Costa Rica where it grows at elevations of 1800 to 3000 meters. Lepanthes wendlandii boasts rather large size flowers for the genus, mine measuring about 10 mm tall but I hear it can grow even larger. Each inflorescence produces many flowers in succession, as is customary with most species in this genus. […]

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Lepanthes cloesii

Lepanthes cloesiiLepanthes cloesii is a miniature orchid, but a medium sized species within the Lepanthes genus. It is a cool growing epiphyte from Peru where it grows at elevations around 2800m. The plant measures about 8-10cm and the flowers is quite large for the genus at 2 cm tall. The successively several flowered, slender inflorescence reaches far beyond the broad and elliptical leaves which are distinctly purple […]

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Lepanthes chameleon

Lepanthes chameleonThis is an intermediate to cool growing cloud forest species from Costa Rica where it grows at altitudes between 1700-2500 meters. I grow it mounted on EpiWeb, on my “Lepanthes branch”, in the cool vivarium, wet and humid and low light. The flowers are rather large for the genus, measuring about 23 mm tall. I think it is simply stunning and I just love the hairy […]

Lepanthes caprimulgus

Lepanthes caprimulgusThis lovely little gem is blooming again – or perhaps I should say “large” as the flower measures almost 1 cm which is rather large for Lepanthes. The flamboyant purple-striped flower is hanging precariously on a nearly impossibly thin inflorescence that blooms several times in succession. This one started blooming last summer and bloomed all through winter and is now going at it again after only a couple of […]

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Lepanthes hermansii

Lepanthes hermansiiThis is a very happy and proud time for me as an orchid grower. I have sooo many lovely Lepanthes in bud or bloom right now that I have not had time to photograph them all – let alone blog about them! It is a fairly recent fascination of mine, Lepanthes, but it has quickly become a passionate one. Lepanthes is very a large genus of miniature […]

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Lepanthes erinacea

Lepanthes erinaceaThis is a lovely little epiphyte is endemic to Costa Rica and it was registered as early as 1855. Lepanthes is a large genus with over 700 species that can be found across the Antilles and through Central- to South America. The lip is actually so highly specialized that it requires its own terminology to describe. An absolutely fascinating species that I am just beginning […]

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Gothenburg International Orchid Show – day one

Gothenburg International Orchid Show 2010 - day 1We have spent most of the year, and very intensely the past few weeks, preparing for the largest orchid show in Sweden, GIOS. Myself and a very small but hard working group on the organizing committee are finally getting to enjoy all the fruits of our labor and we have a fantastic show this year. Really!!  Today, everything […]

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