Lepanthes cloesiiLepanthes cloesii is a miniature orchid, but a medium sized species within the Lepanthes genus. It is a cool growing epiphyte from Peru where it grows at elevations around 2800m. The plant measures about 8-10cm and the flowers is quite large for the genus at 2 cm tall. The successively several flowered, slender inflorescence reaches far beyond the broad and elliptical leaves which are distinctly purple on the underside. The species is named after Patrick Cloes of Hasselt, the Belgian collector who found it. I got it from Peruflora last year and this is the first bloom for me and I am very excited! I love everything about this species, the size, shape and colors… and it is a joy to watch it gently sway in the (electronically induced) breeze.

I grow this mounted on my (mostly) Lepanthes EpiWeb branch in the cool vivarium. Cool temperatures, medium light, very humid and rather wet.

Lepanthes cloesiiLepanthes cloesii