I have been wanting to grow Trisetella for a long time, but the search for plants only started in earnest in March last year. I had held a lecture for the orchid society up in Stockholm, and at the meeting I met Thomas Höijer, the Swedish discoverer of Trisetella hoeijeri. He asked why I did not grow “his” orchid in my cool vivarium. Good question. I had seen the species at a friends a few years ago and immediately knew I wanted one, but I just had not gotten around to getting it yet. Luckily Ecuagenera had several very nice Trisetella species in stock when I placed an order for pickup at an orchid show here in September last year. In the order I had included the lovely Trisetella abbreviata and finally Trisetella hoeijeri. Well at the show, Alex from Ecuagenera talked me into also taking a Trisetella scobina with me home as he though it was one of the nicest in the genus. Granted he did not really have to work on that sale, I was all over it.

All were nice and healthy plants that grew very well all through fall and all three are now blooming. I cannot believe I waited this long to grow this wonderful genus, it is fabulous! I must say I do agree with Thomas, his species is the nicest of the bunch. The white sparkling flowers look like a very graceful bird in flight. I adore it! I grow all three species mounted on cork in the cool vivarium. Medium light and very humid but not wet and with very good air circulation.

By the way… The text and image sequence problems (jumping text) here on the blog are now fixed.

Trisetella hoeijeri Luer & Hirtz, Lindleyana 1: 192 (1986). A miniature cool to cold growing epiphyte from southeastern Ecuador, 1800 meters.
Trisetella abbreviata Luer, Phytologia 47: 82 (1980). A miniature intermediate to cool epiphyte from southern Ecuador, 1200 to 1500 meters.
Trisetella scobina Luer, Phytologia 47: 83 (1980). A miniature warm to cool growing from Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, 800 to 2000 meters.