Humidifier system upgradeAlright… I have spent so much time on the cool vivarium lately that I have kind of neglected the rest of the room a little. So today I took some time to spruce things up a little. The humidity delivery system needed an upgrade, so I got the humidifier all cleaned up (soaking it, well at least the membrane, in distilled vinegar), and then I installed a new chimney for it. Well, dear husband helped with the drilling – because he does it so well… Basically I wanted to bring the fog further up in the tall growing window, then have it gently fall down on the 3 levels of orchids below and at the same time raising the over all RH in the room. But I do not wish to keep the 5L water container for the humidifier 3 meters up in the air… hence the chimney. I used some regular PVC pipes, and a cheap funnel to do it. Three holes drilled in the pipe running across the top and the fog flows down the top like magic..!

Humidifier system upgradeHumidifier system upgradeHumidifier system upgradeHumidifier system upgrade