Fog system 2.0

Orchid cool vivariumFinally, I have completed an upgrade to the fog delivery system in the cool vivarium. This new system is delivering the fog horizontally, cascading down about two thirds of the back wall and the right side, enveloping the plants mounted there in a cool mist, and filling the whole vivarium with fog in about 3-4 minutes. I have to turn the fans […]

Cool vivarium – some fine tuning and upgrades

Cool vivarium todayFor the past few weeks I have been working on a few  long awaited upgrades for the cool vivarium. Well, long awaited for me, I am not a very patient person… Now they are finally all done and I am very pleased with the results. So here is an updated photo of the viv today along with an account of all […]

A humid lift for the room

Humidifier system upgradeAlright… I have spent so much time on the cool vivarium lately that I have kind of neglected the rest of the room a little. So today I took some time to spruce things up a little. The humidity delivery system needed an upgrade, so I got the humidifier all cleaned up (soaking it, well at least the membrane, in distilled vinegar), […]

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Cool vivarium – let it rain… and fog… and yeah, it is done!

Alright… the past few weeks have been very eventful in the orchid department, but I have also been extremely busy at work and I have not had time to write about everything that has been going on, mainly the cool vivarium build… but here we go.

Last time I checked in I had just installed the Vivaria rain system. I have since moved it twice…he he. Well, originally I had placed three nozzles along the top and […]

Masdevallia vs. the wallpaper

Masdevallia tovarensisI have two very nice Masdevallia tovarensis orchids. Both of which are in bud right now. One bud opened early in December and it was beautiful!! But the rest are just sitting there, waiting. Waiting for what!?! Every day  go in there looking, hoping, waiting. But nothing.

I finally figured out that I think they want more humidity in order to deliver the […]

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Humidifier round 2: Perhaps not quite as cool looking…

…but it has the same capacity and it will work on a timer! I ran the other humidifier for a little while and although it is doing a really good job (perhaps too good), I know myself… if I cannot control it 100% I will get frustrated with it. Since that humidifier comes on in ‘stand by’ mode I cannot run it on a timer, so I decided to take it back. I got another ultrasonic humidifier, a Honeywell, instead. […]

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New humidifier for the orchid room

Ultrasonic humidifierMy Bionaire (BCM1250) humidifier just died, after only 9 months of use …  Not very impressive. But luckily I had saved the receipt and the store where I had gotten it took it back, no questions asked. In exchange, I added 100 kronor (about $12) and got an ultrasonic unit from HACE (MJS-400) instead. Sweet!!

This has a 5 liter tank instead of 3 and it runs completely silent (a big difference […]

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