The greenhouse build

I am probably no different than most hobby growers turned fanatic, and we all begin to dream of a greenhouse sometime along the way, the Holy Grail with seemingly limitless possibilities. Needless to say, creating orchid culture nirvana doesn’t just happen. Building a greenhouse is quite an undertaking requiring a lot of planning and hard work. My case was no different. The greenhouse build has been the most requested topic I have gotten while silent, […]

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Gothenburg International Orchid Show – the complete haul

Gothenburg International Orchid Show 2010 - The complete haulAlright… here is just a quick rundown of the complete haul from GIOS 2010. Tomorrow I have to pot and mount them all… oh happy times!

(Ecuagenera) Porroglossum muscosum, Porroglossum olivaceum, Masdevallia impostor, Masdevallia falcago, Scaphosepalum swertiifolium f. pink, Masdevallia panguiensis, Masdevallia superbiens, Masdevallia macrura, Dracula chestertonii, Dracula andreettae, Dracula gigas, Lepanthes […]

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Dreaming of remote Peruvian cloud forests

Mmmm… German grower Orchids & More just returned from Ecuador and Peru with a huge shipment of orchids – and there are a lot of really cool orchids on their new list. I just have to get my hot little hands on a few of them! Luckily I am not the only one feeling this way, and in no time at all I had found an order to piggyback on for […]

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A Grande achievement!

Phragmipedium GrandeThis has got to be one of my proudest moments as an orchid grower… so far. My Phragmipedium Grande has finally decided to bloom!! I have waited two years for this glorious occasion and I plan to take full credit. Damn I am good! (and modest)  Ehm, well… truth be told a few weeks ago I thought I might actually have messed up so bad I would […]

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Installing new floors in the mini-greenhouses…

Masdevallia mini-greenhouseWow, with a title like that it sounds as if it was a major undertaking… it wasn’t. I just had the dear husband cut the panels to size for me – lol!  Then I just plopped the smaller pieces in place.

I am using the plastic grid panels that used to come in fluorescent light fixtures in the 80’s […]

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An orchid with “drulleförsäkring”

Phalaenopsis MarbellaYou just have to love orchids that come with full “drulleförsäkring” (liability insurance for clumsy people, or clumsiness insurance for short). My dear Phalaenopsis Marbella is such an orchid.

This little lady is flowering right now, but it almost was not to be this year. I managed to break the flower spike when watering earlier this spring and was really upset about it too ([…]

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Masdevallia guttulata – much more graceful than the name implies…

Masdevallia guttulataThis little gem is blooming now for the first time – for me. I wonder how it got its name, because it sounds as if it should be some hardcore, heavyweight flower, when instead it is quite delicate. The white cone created by the fused sepals is almost sheer and the deep purple spots inside shines through the sides a little bit. I love the shape […]

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Spring orchids at the Botanical Gardens

It is a wonderfully sunny spring day today so we took a walk up to the Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg to check out the spring blooming orchids. We were not disappointed. There were tons of orchids in bloom and a myriad of intoxicating scents coming from all corners of the greenhouses. I took a few pictures and made a slideshow for you to all to see. So welcome in and enjoy the show, too bad we don’t […]

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Clamshell chocolate anyone?

Prostechea cochleataAh, drum roll please! It is time for this years’ Prostechea cochleata flowering. The first bud just opened and there is one more not far behind, plus another set on deck. This particular orchid usually has a few flowers open at once, and when one set is done a new set is ready to open, which makes for very long flowering periods. Last year, this one bloomed for 8 months straight. It is a lovely […]

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Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh

Paphiopedilum Ho Chi MinhGesundheit! No, seriously… Ho Chi Minh is the name of my lovely easter flower this year. Yes, of course it’s an orchid!  I bought this one from Karge at an orchid show a few weeks ago, and now the bud has finally opened. Just in time for the easter weekend!

It is a primary hybrid […]

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