growing room

A humid lift for the room

Humidifier system upgradeAlright… I have spent so much time on the cool vivarium lately that I have kind of neglected the rest of the room a little. So today I took some time to spruce things up a little. The humidity delivery system needed an upgrade, so I got the humidifier all cleaned up (soaking it, well at least the membrane, in distilled vinegar), […]

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Humidifier round 2: Perhaps not quite as cool looking…

…but it has the same capacity and it will work on a timer! I ran the other humidifier for a little while and although it is doing a really good job (perhaps too good), I know myself… if I cannot control it 100% I will get frustrated with it. Since that humidifier comes on in ‘stand by’ mode I cannot run it on a timer, so I decided to take it back. I got another ultrasonic humidifier, a Honeywell, instead. […]

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New humidifier for the orchid room

Ultrasonic humidifierMy Bionaire (BCM1250) humidifier just died, after only 9 months of use …  Not very impressive. But luckily I had saved the receipt and the store where I had gotten it took it back, no questions asked. In exchange, I added 100 kronor (about $12) and got an ultrasonic unit from HACE (MJS-400) instead. Sweet!!

This has a 5 liter tank instead of 3 and it runs completely silent (a big difference […]

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