…but it has the same capacity and it will work on a timer! I ran the other humidifier for a little while and although it is doing a really good job (perhaps too good), I know myself… if I cannot control it 100% I will get frustrated with it. Since that humidifier comes on in ‘stand by’ mode I cannot run it on a timer, so I decided to take it back. I got another ultrasonic humidifier, a Honeywell, instead. This one has a mechanical switch so it will work with my timer. Naturally it was more expensive, but oh well…

However… upgrades are rarely painless. Since the cool fog kind of blows out of the nostle then falls (more so than the old impeller driven humidifier) I wanted to bring the flow further up in my growing window so I get better coverage. I wanted to do this without having to place the big humidifier canister in the window. First of all, 5 liters weighs quite a bit, but also that is valuable real estate better used by orchids!  So I got some PVC pipes, a couple of L joints and made a 1 meter tall “chimney” for the fog. It comes out just behind the fan on the second shelf from the top (about halfway up the window) and the fan is helping to distribute the fog over a larger area before it falls.

Humidifier Humidifier Humidifier

I am such a nerd!! … but quite pleased none the less. 🙂     (….I had to change the title of this post, the spammers loved it too much. Oh well, live and learn.)