Phalaenopsis bellina bud drop

Phalaenopsis bellinaIt’s bellina season again… It smells lovely in the warm vivarium right now, although I think my particular clone has a pretty weak scent for a bellina. Some say one flower can fill an entire houses with its fragrance, mine is definitely a bit more shy than that but I do not mind. This species likes it hot and humid, why I keep mine in […]

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Hail to the queen!

Cattleya intermedia var. orlataAllow me to present this years edition of Cattleya intermedia var. orlata, one of my absolute favorites from the Cattleya genus. I jokingly call her the queen of my collection, as she definitely commands respect with her timeless beauty. A faithful bloomer every spring, although this year she is almost a month early early as she usually blooms in […]

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Masdevallia vs. the wallpaper

Masdevallia tovarensisI have two very nice Masdevallia tovarensis orchids. Both of which are in bud right now. One bud opened early in December and it was beautiful!! But the rest are just sitting there, waiting. Waiting for what!?! Every day  go in there looking, hoping, waiting. But nothing.

I finally figured out that I think they want more humidity in order to deliver the […]

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A Prosthechea cochleata cesarean section

Prosthechea cochleataThe same lovely Prosthechea cochleata that I just pollinated have also been working on a new bud on this years’ growth. I thought it would wait until spring to bloom since it just  finished blooming on the previous years’ bulb. But, this little lady had other plans, and she is facing some complications.

For some reason the bud started turning brown a few weeks […]

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Leptotes unicolor budreport

Leptotes unicolorThe bud is still hanging on this morning… and it is looking good. Last time it bloomed I had it in the nano-vivarium, and the growing conditions in this vivarium are so much better, so I really cannot figure out what the problem is. At this point I am keeping both fingers and toes crossed hoping it will make it all the way. Stay tuned…

…and […]

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Leptotes unicolor bud blasts

Leptotes unicolorThis is the most frustrating thing ever… My Leptotes unicolor is setting bud after bud that inevitably blasts (shrivels up and dies) before maturing to flower. I have watched at least 4 buds go the past few weeks and there is currently a new bud on the way. It is at the critical stage when all the previous ones have failed and I […]

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Oh crap, I messed up!

Phragmipedium GrandeWell, I have some good news and some bad news… Good news first. My huge Phragmipedium Grande (caudatum x longifolium) is going to bloom!! It has been growing like crazy for the past two years but has refused to flower – until now. It has a beautiful bud coming and I am sooo proud!

Ok, so to the bad news. I am really kicking myself for letting this happen too… On […]

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