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Phalaenopsis bellina bud drop

Phalaenopsis bellinaIt’s bellina season again… It smells lovely in the warm vivarium right now, although I think my particular clone has a pretty weak scent for a bellina. Some say one flower can fill an entire houses with its fragrance, mine is definitely a bit more shy than that but I do not mind. This species likes it hot and humid, why I keep mine in […]

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Leptotes unicolor budreport

Leptotes unicolorThe bud is still hanging on this morning… and it is looking good. Last time it bloomed I had it in the nano-vivarium, and the growing conditions in this vivarium are so much better, so I really cannot figure out what the problem is. At this point I am keeping both fingers and toes crossed hoping it will make it all the way. Stay tuned…

…and […]

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Leptotes unicolor bud blasts

Leptotes unicolorThis is the most frustrating thing ever… My Leptotes unicolor is setting bud after bud that inevitably blasts (shrivels up and dies) before maturing to flower. I have watched at least 4 buds go the past few weeks and there is currently a new bud on the way. It is at the critical stage when all the previous ones have failed and I […]

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Angraecum bud-autopsy

The Angraecum villain hunt continues. Day two. I had already looked all over the plant for any kind of insects but did not see anything.  I am still trying to figure out why this one bud would fail, so I decided to perform a bud-autopsy on the mysteriously blasted Angraecum bud… No vermin found. Not even when scrutinized under a magnifying glass. No, my dear Watson, the working theory is that the spur might have gotten damaged somehow […]

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Mysterious Angraecum florulentum bud blast

Angraecum florulentumNow I am a bit confused … one of the buds on my Angraecum florulentum has begun to fade. The other 4 buds are thankfully developing nicely and are looking fine – so far. I really have no idea why this one bud (top left) has decided to blast on me. 😐

I have never had this happen on buds I have cultivated myself – just in new […]

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