New blog design for 2013

Happy new year!

I chose to celebrate this new year with a blog facelift. The old design has been up and running since 2009, and quite frankly, it was looking a bit old and dull. So it was time for a change! Everything is still here, it just looks and works a bit different. The main blog page now show excerpts and a slide show with rather tightly cropped photos as a preview, but if you […]

Brassavola nodosa

Brassavola nodosaOh I have been waiting for this one to bloom for a year now, and here it is. Finally! …and what a beautiful flower it is!! A long lasting sensual flower with elegant flowing shapes in delicate shades of cream and white…  It has a very pleasant fragrance that grows a lot stronger at night. I read somewhere that it was supposed to […]

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Time to stop and smell the roseola

Masdevallia roseolaI wrote about this lovely little Masdevallia roseola back in May, and I thought the bloom it was producing then was quite impressive. Oh, and it really was, but after only a brief rest late in the summer it is back at it again with double the effort. This has turned into quite the little specimen and I just adore it! The definition of […]

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Angraecum florulentum

Angraecum florulentumSo the fragrant saga continues… This is a lovely medium sized monopodial epiphyte from the Comoros where it grows on altitudes from 600 to 1000 meters. It smells kind of like Lilly of the Valley with a hint of jasmine in the mix too perhaps. The scent is quite strong in the evening.

Angraecum florulentumI […]

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The fragrant explorations continue

Neofinetia falcataIt has been an unusually fragrant spring this year. I usually do not select my orchids based on fragrance. Scented orchids are nice, and sure I appreciate the scent of the sweet Phalaenopsis bellina, or P. violacea as much as the next person, but I guess scent has always come second to beauty, wierdness, or color. But when it comes to Neofinetia I might have […]

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Vanilla ice cream and cotton candy with a diaper chaser…

Phalaenopsis floresensisLet me introduce you to the lovely Phalaenopsis floresensis. This sweet confection of an orchid looks a little bit like old fashioned vanilla ice cream with a tongue dipped in pink cotton candy. Add that to 3 spikes with 9 flowers in total and you got yourself a party!

Granted I bought this one already  in bud from Marita a few weeks ago so I […]

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Scent and the reproductive con-game of orchids

Bulbophyllum Louis Sander - smells of week old gym socks...A friend of mine was talking about fragrant orchids with her aunt who concluded that she “didn’t know of any that smelled nice, or like much of anything at all.” Well, the aunt is actually incorrect, but I understand why she would feel this way. Most hybrids in the local flower shops were […]

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