Neofinetia falcata

Ascofinetia Peaches

This is new to my collection. I bought it in bud from German grower Karge in September as I just cannot seem to resist anything Neofinetia, pure or not… This is a very nice Neofinetia cross called Ascofinetia Peaches, a name obviously inspired by the lovely color. Ascofinetia is an intergeneric hybrid between Ascocentrum and Neofinetia. The seed parent of this particular cross is Ascocentrum curvifolium, with the pollen parent Neofinetia falcata. Much of the shape is clearly Neofinetia, but […]

Neofinetia falcata ‘Shunkyuden’

Neofinetia falcata 'Shunkyuden'Neofinetia falcata was the only species in this very small genus until 1996 when Neofinetia richardsiana was added, followed by N. xichangensis in 2004. The two new discoveries are limited to specific regions within China. Neofinetia falcata has a slightly broader distribution area, from China to Temperate East Asia, and it is also the one of the three that has found its way into cultivation. Even though we are […]

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Neofinetia falcata

Neofinetia falcataI am really enjoying the Neofineta season this year… I have had one plant after the other releasing each other since this summer, filling the orchid room with the lovely scent of vanilla and spices. This is the regular white variety, but a fairly recent acquisition (‘Hisui’) with a nice yellow hue is coming up next, the buds are about to open any day […]

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The fragrant explorations continue

Neofinetia falcataIt has been an unusually fragrant spring this year. I usually do not select my orchids based on fragrance. Scented orchids are nice, and sure I appreciate the scent of the sweet Phalaenopsis bellina, or P. violacea as much as the next person, but I guess scent has always come second to beauty, wierdness, or color. But when it comes to Neofinetia I might have […]

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Neofinetia falcata ‘Yodonomatsu’

Neofinetia falcat 'Yodonomatsu'This is one of the lovely little Neofinetia I bought this from a friend about six weeks ago and it pretty much set a flower spike right away. The flowers are small and slightly rounder with a shorter spur than many other Neos. I love the subtle hints of pink spots in the white flowers too. Some clones have a lot more […]

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New Neofinetia falcata indulgences

Neofinetia falcataNeofinetia falcata is a wonderful miniature orchid. I am completely infatuated with this species, and apparently Japanese samurai warriors were too. Neos are still highly valued orchids in Japan where they are commonly known as Fu-ran (The Wind Orchid) or Fuki-ran (Rich and Noble Orchid). They have also become popular in the US in recent years, but are still very hard to get a […]

The haul from the orchid show at Sofiero last weekend

Sofiero, Sweden 2009The Sofiero orchid show came with sunny blue skies and nice spring temperatures this year. Dear husband and I set out early in the morning to get there when they opened at 10 am. Well, we made it by 10:45 but who’s counting. The whole Sofiero park was in bloom, and the castle by the ocean looked almost like a fairytale […]