Restrepia brachypus

Restrepia is one of the more flamboyant genera in the orchid world. The colors and patterns found in these species are just incredible. I think Restrepia brachypus is right up there with the most beautful ones with its striking bright yellow and rust striped lip and purple antennas. It is a cool to cold growing epiphyte from the mountains of South America where it can be found on altitudes from 1180 to 3200 meters. Flowers measure […]

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Restrepia cuprea

Restrepia cupreaThis intermediate, small growing epiphyte grows at at 1700 meters on the eastern slopes of the central cordillera in Colombia. It is commonly called “the copper-colored Restrepia”, and it is not hard to see why. The deep color almost seem metallic under the lights. I got it from Ecuagenera in May, and it is now blooming for the first time. I grow it mounted […]

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Restrepia brachypus

Restrepia brachypusRestrepia is a genus I am getting to appreciate more and more. They seem quite content to bloom often and abundant and the shape and colors produced in the flowers are quite stunning! What is not to love? This fantastic colorful little gem came from Ecuagenera i May and it is blooming in the cool vivarium right now. The flowers measure about 6 cm tall […]

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Restrepia muscifera

Restrepia musciferaThis is the first time this flashy little Restrepia is blooming for me and I have really been looking forward to it. The colors and patterns of the large fused lateral sepals, the defining character of Restrepia, can be quite stunning. Restrepia muscifera is one of the most incredible of them all. I love the distinct purple dots contrasting against the bright yellow and white […]

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Restrepia elegans

Restrepia elegansThis orchid came in my Peru Flora order back in April and it just finished blooming for me. A nice blooming for such a small plant with about 4-5 flowers at a time for about a month. The flowers do not last for very long, perhaps a week, but it is a sequential bloomer so you get several flowers per inflorescence. I really like the […]

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