Restrepia brachypusRestrepia is a genus I am getting to appreciate more and more. They seem quite content to bloom often and abundant and the shape and colors produced in the flowers are quite stunning! What is not to love? This fantastic colorful little gem came from Ecuagenera i May and it is blooming in the cool vivarium right now. The flowers measure about 6 cm tall and have a slight transparent quality to them. They shine bright yellow with awesome brown stripes and hot pink antennae, a color scheme right out of a bad 80’s movie, but in this case it really works. I love the color combination, especially the stripes.

Restrepia brachypus is a cool growing species that hail from South America where it grows in  montane forests from 1800 to 3200 meters. I grow it cool, mounted on EpiWeb and a little bit on the medium dry side and quite bright.

Restrepia brachypus Rchb.f., Flora 69: 554 (1886).

Restrepia brachypusRestrepia brachypus