Bulbophyllum pulchellumOk. That was a pretty cheesy title, but I could not help myself. Blame it on the heat. Because of course the weather finally turned sunny and warm again after 2 weeks of rain now that I am back to work again from vacation… oh well, that’s life. Especially in Sweden.

Back to the point. My beautiful Bulbophyllum pulchellum has outgrown its glorious IKEA cork trivet ehm… and needs larger accommodations. I had gotten 2 kilos of tree bark chunks for mounting orchids on a while back, luckily there is one piece large enough to hold this sprawling monster. It has set 5 new shoots this season (which, by the way, seems to be about average for this species)!

Bulbophyllum pulchellumSo, off with the trivet – a quick root inspection, excellent! – and then onto the bark. A little sphagnum moss padding for the roots, and done. I rather like the result and it should allow for a couple of more years of growing – at least. Now I only have to figure out where to hang it. It will have to rest on the windowsill for now.