Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodostictaThis is the first bloom for this lovely little African orchid. I bought it in September last year from Junginger Orchideen in Germany, and it must have come from very nice stock. On only one growth it produced six flower spikes, each carrying between 6 to 8 flowers measuring almost 3 cm across. It is quite a stunning display and I love the cream white flowers with the intensely vivid red centers. It is supposed to be fragrant, but I have yet to detect much of a scent, but I am really bad at remembering to stick my nose in the viv to check…

It is a miniature to small epiphyte that grows at elevations of 1250 to 2200 meters in humid riverine forests of Western Central and Eastern Tropical Africa to South Ethiopia. I grow mine mounted on bark in the intermediate vivarium under medium bright light and high humidity with good air circulation. I water this vivarium by hand, and I do that about 2-3 times per week in the winter, and every other to every day in the summer.

Aerangis luteoalba var. rhodosticta (Kraenzl.) J.Stewart, Kew Bull. 34: 310 (1979).

Aerangis luteoalba var. rhodostictaAerangis luteoalba var. rhodostictaAerangis luteoalba var. rhodosticta