Ornithocephalus sp.Let’s start off the new year with a fantastic little mini Ornithocephalus species. Despite its diminutive size it always puts on an amazing show, seemingly intent on outdoing itself each season. I got an impressive 22 inflorescences this year and the flowers will last for about 2 months! It is a virtual fireworks display of white little birds in flight and I just adore it. Ornithocephalus is a genus of around 50 species commonly called bird’s head orchids inspired by the shape of the column. The leaves are just as beautiful on their own, they form an elegant succulent blue-green fan and the spikes grow from the base and gracefully curve towards the light.

I grow it mounted on cork quite close to the lights in the warm vivarium. Althoguh I should probably start calling it the warm/intermediate vivarium as I have turned down the temperature in there a few degrees this fall, topping out at about 24-26 C during the day and 15 C at night. I water this smaller vivarium by hand so it is considerably dryer than the cool vivarium, but I keep humidity high, around 85%. I water the non-resting plants about twice a week in the winter and every other to every day in the summer depending on need. I bought it as an Ornithocephalus manabina, but if you look at the closeup photo you can clearly see that it is not. I am not too upset about it however, I actually think this is a much more attractive species. It would be fun to get a name on it though… perhaps someone will recognize it one day.

Update: I got a tip on a forum that it might be an Ornithocephalus dolabratus… I think he might be right (thanks Nat), it is very similar at least.

Ornithocephalus sp.Ornithocephalus sp.