Ascocentrum garayiVandas on summer vacation usually pays off in a big way. Here is one of this season’s vacationers that is blooming right now. Such a lovely mini, the flowers measure no more than 2 cm across but the sheer amount make up for any shortcomings in size. The the intense orange color shine like a sun in the fall gloom of rain and darkness, and I appreciate it immensely! It makes me smile every morning when I enjoy the morning coffee in my very own urban rainforest.

Ascocentrum garayi originate from Thailand and Vietnam where it grows at elevations from sea level up to 1000 meters. It is a hot to warm growing epiphytic species that I actually grow successfully intermediate here in Sweden. I grow it quite bright, about 20 cm from the lights in a wood slat basket. I water every day the warmer part of the year and every other to every third day in the winter. I try to let it enjoy summer outdoors. This year it received about 6 weeks of high humidity and large diurnal temperature variation hanging outdoors.

Ascocentrum garayi Christenson, Lindleyana 7: 89 (1992).