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Orchid blog

This blog is dormant at the moment, but it is still getting a lot of visitis so I will keep it up for you guys as a resource. My future adventures will be published on my new blog, hope to see you there!

My focus… if pressed to name favorites it would have to be orchids of the Pleurothallid Alliance. But a Paphiopedilum was the first orchid I ever fell in love with so slipper orchids will always be close to my heart, and while we are on the subject I might as well disclose a love affair with Neofinetia as well.

Orchids on summer vacation part 2

The greenhouse build is nearing completion. Another week or two before it is all done and the orchids can start moving in. In the meantime the intermediate to warm growers have been enjoying summer outside in the shade by the summer cottage. They are really loving the humidity and warm days and relatively cool nights. There are new roots and buds forming all over the place. Still, I cannot wait to get them into the [...]

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Orchids on summer vacation 2013

After a long winter and an unusually cold and dry spring, summer has finally come to Sweden! But there were times this spring when it felt like summer would never come. You can see scars from the drought and cold all over as many plants and flowers outside did not make it. Alas, one who waits for something good... Summer is here, we have about 18 hours of daylight now and the weather has been [...]

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Stelis immersa

This is a wonderfully vigorous plant with nice fleshy dark green leaves and intense chocolate colored flowers. It blooms every winter for me, and this year it started sometime before the new year and just now finished after almost five months of blooming on six inflorescences. The inflorescence grow out from the midrib at mid leaf and hold a long string of nodding flowers measuring about a centimeter tall. It is a small to medium sized, warm to cool growing [...]

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Specklinia alata

In my mind this is always going to be a Muscarella, but Kew want to call it Specklinia, so I guess I will fall in line. At least for the title of this post. It is a miniature epiphyte from Mexico to Central America, found at altutudes ranging from 180 to 1 380 meters. So is actually a warm to intermediate grower that I am growing cool, but it seems to be doing alright with that too. [...]

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Scaphosepalum anchoriferum

This wonderfully strange looking orchid hail from the mountains of Central America where they can be found at elevations from 1100 to 2000 meters. It is an intermediate epiphyte that usually blooms in the spring to summer in nature, but mine started around the new year and has been blooming all winter. The flowers measure about 1 cm wide and grow on a fairly long, single descending to horizontal successively flowered inflorescence. I love the provocative, phallic shape. It asks for no [...]

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Masdevallia striatella

This is a small intermediate growing epiphyte from Central America. It can be found in mountain cloud forest from Costa Rica to Northwestern Venezuela at altitudes ranging from 400 meters up to 2500 meters. Flowers are small, only about one centimeter long, but the nice coloration makes up for any shortcomings in size. It usually blooms in the late fall/ early winter in nature, and it has been doing the same for me this year, blooming from [...]

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