Brassavola nodosaThere is a lot blooming right now, and many of them are very pleasantly fragrant too, adding another dimension to the experience. First out in the fragrance series this summer is this wonderful Brassavola nodosa. It has a faint citrus scent that increases notably in strength at night. To be honest however, even though it is nice I do not grow this species for the fragrance. I just adore the shape and texture of the flowers, definitely a little alien and the lip looks almost like paper… and the monochromatic color scheme works for me too. I got a sneak peak from this plant back in December when it bloomed with one single flower. I got a much better return on my investment this time with two inflorescence presenting three flowers each. Quite impressive looking.

Brassavola nodosa is a warm growing epiphyte/lithophyte that is found in Mexico down though the Tropical Americas. I grow it mounted on cork in the intermediate/warm vivarium where it receives ample water when in active growth but is kept only slightly drier in the winter. I requires high humidity and a lot of light, I grow it as close to the lights as I can to the point of the leaves turning a little red/purple as a result. Beginning of summer I also let this hang outside this year, and the response to the additional light and night/day temperature difference was quick and effective. I almost cannot stop looking at it, it is so beautiful!

Brassavola nodosa (L.) Lindl., Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl.: 114 (1831).

Brassavola nodosaBrassavola nodosaBrassavola nodosa