Day 10: aaahhh the circles are done!

After a few days of collecting my energy, the circles are now cut and done! It wasn’t really that bad, 1 hour of consistent sawing with a fine-toothed metal cutting saw. It turned out pretty good actually.

Yes! It will work.

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UK orchid babies (01): 10 weeks

Orchid fask babies, UKAfter about a month I decided to rearrange in the nursery a little bit to get better humidity and to solv the temperature issues I have been dealing with…. it’s been working out really well.

I replanted the babies in tin cooking forms, then filled the mini-greenhouse bottom with leca and water. The leca works as an insulator, so now […]

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UK orchid babies: 3 weeks

Orchid flask babies - UKAfter three weeks, everyone is looking great!!

My only concern is the temperature in the nurseries. I will start bringing down the temp in the growing room at night soon and it will definitely be too cold for these little ones. So I have installed a heating pad, like you would use to heat terrariums for reptiles. It […]

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Ecuador orchid babies: 1 week

Dracula cordobae flask babies - mold!I picked up my 3 flasks from Ecuagenera in Ecuador at the Gothenburg International Orchid show this weekend. The Masdies looked good (decumana and infracta), but the Dracula cordobae came with a 2 cm large spot of mold in the agar. So I had to deflask the little ones right away, too bad […]

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UK babies: Day 1

The babies arrived from Equatorial Plants in Durham UK by the end of August 2008. I had arranged a large order (50+ hobby flasks) together with some virtual friends on an orchid forum I frequent. It was quite s bit of logistics to pull together but it was fun.

I had 5 flasks with about 5 babies in each for myself in the order. They were technically not really flasks as the guys had […]

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Day 7: Back to *hell* …making circles

nano-orchidarium buildIt seems it will be a rather costly ordeal to get circles cut by a professional… so I am thinking I will have to do it myself after all. What a bitch!

I think that the thinner 1,5 mm thick PVC I used for the tube is too thin to support for the lid/bottom so I am back to tackling the 3 mm PVC […]

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Day 6: Sealing the clay pipe

nano-orchidarium buildI decided that I needed to seal the clay pipe on the bottom so I can take out the pipe without creating a swimming pool in my livingroom (somewhat of an overstatement but you get the idea). The best solution seemed to simply glue a clay plant saucer to the bottom with some constructuion adhesive.

After gluing the pipe I started worrying about the […]

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Day 5: Carving circles in *hell*

Let me tell you one thing about PVC. It is freaking hard as hell and still the most brittle material you ever saw!! I admit it. I capitulate. I will pay someone to cut the darn circles or it will near kill me, and still not look very good. I just need a bottom and a lid so hopefully it won’t be too expensive. I hate it when hubby is right (only kidding dear).

I found […]

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Day 4: Oops, and the more you learn the less you know

Another trip out to the local hardware store to replace my original type of silicone for one made specifically for aquariums – apparently, the regular stuff would not have stuck to the PVC material I am using since it contains oil. You learn something new every day.

On the upside. I found a real cool termometer/hygrometer to use for the build so that made it all worthwhile.

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