Ok… I think it is time for a photo update of the cool vivarium. It is really starting to fill in now and I am quite pleased with how the viv is performing!!  If you are curious to see exactly what orchids I am growing in there so far, you can look at this photo on Flickr instead. I have put up little notes on the photo labeling the orchids in it, just mouse over the photo to see the notes.

I am going to study the placement of all the orchids now in a little bit more detail and perhaps move them around a bit to find the optimal growing place for each plant. Since the left side is dryer than the right and it is about 2-3 degrees warmer in the upper half compared to the bottom half, there are actually a few different micro climates to choose from in there. For example, my two Diachea probably should more over to the right side where they will get a bit more water while I probably should move my Maxillaria collection up a little bit closer to the lights… there is much to consider. I have gotten so many new plants so quickly that I have not had time to plan this properly before. Everything is doing good so there is no great rush really, but me being a bit of a control freak – you know… I will also have a lot more plants coming from Peru and Ecuador to the orchid show in Sweden in September and I want to have everything in order by then.

Orchid cool vivarium