Cypripedium Kentucky Pink BlushThis is my very first garden orchid, a lovely Cypripedium hybrid called Kentucky Pink. I guess it is not very strange that I do not have that many garden orchids since I live in an apartment for 10-11 months of the year. This one is hanging outside my kitchen window, and I love the beautiful contrast between the rich purple flowers, green leaves and the light yellow stucco walls of the building. My own little urban garden. I should probably get a window box for it but the idea is to grow it outside at our summer place, but since it is blooming now the plant stays in the city with us so we can enjoy the flowers.

This is a bit of an experiment actually. If I can keep it alive through winter I might get more. The parents of this hybrid come from America so I am not sure it would survive outdoors here year around. I think it would be best to bring it indoors for the winter. It sleeps through winter preferably in a fairly dark and cool place with only minimal watering. I guess it will have to go in the fridge unless I can figure out a better place for it by fall… We actually have native Cypripedium here in Sweden too though, Cypripedium calceolus for example. Next year I might prepare a bed for them out at the summer place and get a few species hardy to our climate. We’ll see, I would have to look for late bloomers so we can actually see them bloom since we rarely move out there before mid to late June. Until then I will enjoy this one, the flowers are positively sumptuous!

Cypripedium Kentucky Pink BlushCypripedium Kentucky Pink BlushCypripedium Kentucky Pink Blush