Dracula velutinaI love everything about Dracula orchids, and this species does not disappoint… I love the shape of the flowers, the awesome dark red to nearly black sepaline tails an the coloring – especially from the back. I adore the icicle looking texture of the flowers and the little monkey face in the middle of the flowers just makes me smile. Dracula velutina is a medium sized cool to cold growing epiphyte from Colombia. I got this from Ecuagenera in May, and this is the first time it is blooming for me. What a treat! I grow it in the cool vivarium potted in a wide mesh plastic pot with EpiWeb substrate, low light and very humid and wet with good air circulation.

Dracula velutina (Rchb.f.) Luer, Selbyana 2: 198 (1978).

Dracula velutinaDracula velutinaDracula velutinaDracula velutinaDracula velutina