Paphiopedilum DellainaPaphiopedilum DellainaSince my Dellaina decided to bloom just as we left for our vacation it got to tag along to the coast as well. It is a nice primary hybrid between Paphiopedilum delenatii x P. chamberlainianum. The seed parent (delenatii) is a small terrestrial/lithophyte from southern Vietnam and Dellaina have inherited its beautiful mottled leaves and the fair pink colors. The pollen parent (chamberlainianum) is a hot growing lithophyte from Sumatra and has contributed with the lightly corkscrewed petals as well as the sesequential flowering habit. Dellaina usually produces two flowers followed by a third a few weeks later but I managed to knock off the third bud when watering… sigh. So two flowers is all will get this year, but who’s complaining, they are lovely!  I actually think this hybrid beats both parents when it comes to beauty.

I love the mottled leaves, they have an almost velvety finish and the plant looks gorgeous even when not in flower. On top of that it is pretty easy to grow and flower. I grow mine intermediate on the windowsill under additional lights. It should probably be grown warm, but it does not seem too fuzzy about the temperature. It is important however not to allow it to dry out too much. I water mine twice a week pretty much all year, sometimes a bit more in the summer.