Psygmorchis pusillaThe name may be quite a tongue twister… and it sounds like it could be a creature in a Guillermo Del Toro movie, but this little orchid is really adorable and not the least bit creepy. I think “pusilla” basically means “tiny,” which is a fitting name.  I bought this orchid from Schwerter in April of this year and it is now blooming for the first time. The nice thing, beside its willingness to bloom, is how large the flowers are in relation to the plant. The leafspan is only about 6 centimeters and the flower measure a bit over 3 cm. This is actually the second set of two flowers already, and there are several more buds coming.

Psygmorchis pusilla was registered by Dodson & Dressler in 1972. It is a warm growing fan shaped twig epiphyte found primarily across South America at elevations of 500 to almost 1000 meters.  Mine lives in the warm vivarium where it enjoys warm humid growing conditions with a daily shower and a weekly dip in a nice nutritious bath (MSU fertilizer). The flowers are so beautiful and cheery, and they last a really long time too. In my estimation this little gem is a must for any warm vivarium.

Edit: The accepted name by Kew standards is actually Erycina pusilla… with a long list of synonyms, including Psygmorchis pusilla. Thanks Petrus for bringing this to my attention.