Neofinetia falcata ‘Shutenno’

Orchids on summer vacation part 2

The greenhouse build is nearing completion. Another week or two before it is all done and the orchids can start moving in. In the meantime the intermediate to warm growers have been enjoying summer outside in the shade by the summer cottage. They are really loving the humidity and warm days and relatively cool nights. There are new roots and buds forming all over the place. Still, I cannot wait to get them into the […]

Neofinetia falcata ‘Shutenno’

Neofinetia falcata 'Shutenno'I am quite facinated by the Neofinetia falcata species, with all its forms and variations. ‘Shutenno’ has got to be among the most beautiful of them all. The elegant Neofinetia dragon shape is successfully complimented by a beautiful purple spur and an absolutley amazing scent of jasmine and sweet vanilla! So this would be part three of the fragrance series this […]

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Neofinetia falcata ‘Shutenno’

Neofinetia falcata 'Shutenno'This is one of my absolute favorite Neofinetia, bought from a friend back in March. The color of the spur is just amazing and I love the shape of the small flowers. I am not good at describing scents, but I can assure you that it smells absolutely divine. Perhaps a bit of jasmine and coconut mixed with a drop of […]

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New Neofinetia falcata indulgences

Neofinetia falcataNeofinetia falcata is a wonderful miniature orchid. I am completely infatuated with this species, and apparently Japanese samurai warriors were too. Neos are still highly valued orchids in Japan where they are commonly known as Fu-ran (The Wind Orchid) or Fuki-ran (Rich and Noble Orchid). They have also become popular in the US in recent years, but are still very hard to get a […]