Spring cleaning and another rain system upgrade

Cool vivarium - rain system up and runningYes you heard me right, yet another rain system upgrade… I have actually been wanting to simplify the watering setup I have for quite some time now. I basically wanted to take out the drip system and expand the rain system instead. Yes, admittedly I am a perfectionist and a little […]

Cool vivarium – some fine tuning and upgrades

Cool vivarium todayFor the past few weeks I have been working on a few  long awaited upgrades for the cool vivarium. Well, long awaited for me, I am not a very patient person… Now they are finally all done and I am very pleased with the results. So here is an updated photo of the viv today along with an account of all […]

Cool vivarium – a drip system modification

I have got to admit… growing orchids is easy compared to growing moss! Well, my moss is doing just fine actually, but not without effort. All the time on the brink of drying out, and dry moss equals dead moss, so it has been a bit of a challenge. Providing enough water for the moss on the EpiWeb walls without over watering the orchids mounted on the very same walls is not easy. I believe […]

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Finally!! A Reverse Osmosis system

R/O unit

This weekend my dear husband finally got to deliver on his birthday promise to me (from May) and install my new R/O system (it’s been on backorder a long time). A lot of girls ask for diamonds and shiny things for their birthdays, but I wanted a Reverse Osmosis system for my 35th, lol. Well… it is a AquaLight system from Germany rated up […]

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