I gained the room back again!So the weather prognosis is predicting a lot cooler temperatures from now on, down below 10 C at night and below 20 C during the day. So I thought is was time to pack up the air conditioning unit for this season and reconfigure the cool vivarium for winter. A fairly easy job actually, I just unhooked the AC and replaced it with the cool air intake hose connected to the fan pulling air from the outside. I will monitor the temperature in the vivarium for the next few days to make sure it does the job, but I think it is going to be fine.

It is really nice to regain all that space in the room again. The AC unit itself is not all that big, but the two huge hoses for the cool air and hot air exhaust take up quite a bit of space. Another good thing about this is that the simple bathroom fan is a lot cheaper to run (and much quieter) than the AC, and the air it is pulling in is not quite as dry as the one the AC was pushing.

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