Dracula rezekianaThis lovely Dracula has been blooming for me non-stop since last summer. The four flower spikes just keep on producing new flowers one after the other. You can see the next bud on deck behind the flower in the photos. I really love the classic Dracula “monkey face” along with the spiky hairs of the flowers… they look like icicles or tiny stalactites. The plant stands about 15 cm tall and the flowers measure about 2 cm wide with nice red tails adding an additional 3 cm in each direction. I wanted to share some new photos since I finally have some proper camera equipment to document the subtle details.

Dracula rezekiana is fairly easy to grow – as far as Dracula is concerned. I grow mine cool, but it is tolerant to a wider range in temperatures since it grows mainly in lowland forest from 850 meters all the way up to 1700 meters throughout eastern Ecuador. As long as you can provide adequate humidity and medium to low light it should prove a prolific bloomer. I would recommend it to anyone curious about growing Dracula.

Dracula rezekianaDracula rezekianaDracula rezekiana